Recycle or Degradable Packaging?

This is a question which is posing a dilemma for many in the packaging industry and beyond and there is, at present, no one simple answer.

Considering all of the known facts ABC Packaging strongly feels that the preferred way forward is to recycle. We feel it important that the production of all flexible packaging and carton materials, wherever possible, be recycled back into the same industry to help to prolong the life of our raw materials.

To encourage the re-use of plastic packaging all of our base polythene, CPP and OPP products are recyclable (with the exception of metallised films) and, within our own organisation, we ensure that all waste is re-cycled and re-used. All of our carton products are 100% recyclable.

To further promote the re-use of our products we also manufacture a range of re-sealable products which facilitate multiple uses by the end user thus, again, prolonging their life over conventional single use packs.

We do however recognise that there are occasions where the use of degradable products is the only practical alternative. To this end ABC Packaging offers oxo-biodegradable polythene and cast polypropylene. These materials are manufactured using an additive designed to react with heat, stress and light which accelerates the degradability and, over a period which can be pre determined, breaks down the packaging into H2O, CO2 and very small traces of biomass.

The vast majority of the material we use for cartons is recycled however where the use of some virgin material is necessary, we endeavour to use material produced from sustained forestry.

All of our inks are water based and pose no threat to the environment.

If you have any questions on either re-cycling or degradable packaging materials please do not hesitate to contact one of the team who will do everything possible to help you to select the most appropriate product for your needs. For more information on recycled board types please contact Jason Williams who will guide and advise you to select the most suitable substrate to meet your requirements.

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