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Is your product cylindrical, rolled up or a stack of smaller items?  If so, cardboard tubes are probably the best option when it comes to packaging.  Our tubes provide protection for delicate or paper-based goods and can be printed, varnished and foiled, just like a box.

Our custom tubes use great quality materials and are a really attractive way of presenting your product.

Types of Tube

Cardboard tube packaging always has a cylindrical shape, but there are a number of options when it comes to how the pieces fit together.

One-Piece Tubes

These are the most common tubes you’ll see and are used for everything from crisps to postal packaging.  As the name suggests, these consist of a single cardboard tube.  They can be sealed at either end with plastic or metal caps, or with a cap at one end and a seamed base at the other.

Butt-Jointed Tubes

This type of packaging consists of two sections that meet in the middle.  The actual join can be in the centre, or towards the top or bottom, depending on the product.

This style of tube is great when you have a single item and want it to be revealed when you take the top section off.  Suitable products include high-end goods like bottles of perfume or alcohol, cosmetics, certificates, gifts and food.

This design also makes it easier for customers to remove the product from its packaging.

Telescopic Tubes

This design consists of two tubes that slide over each other to form the top and bottom.  The top can either cover the base completely, or slide down part of the way.  If the inner section will be exposed, it can be printed a different colour for contrast.

Telescopic designs are another luxurious option.  They’re especially good for speciality teas and other food products.

Printing and Decoration

Many of the techniques used to customise cardboard cartons can also be used with tubes, including full colour printing.  This means you can incorporate your branding and make the packaging really attractive for your audience, as well as including any written information, ingredients and instructions you need.

For a really luxurious finish, incorporate foil blocking into the design.  This involves applying a metallic film to certain areas of the packaging.

Spot UV varnish is another option.  As the varnish is glossy, it can be used to highlight text or a logo.  We can even ‘draw’ a design so it can be seen against a matt background of the same colour.

Materials and Closures

All our tubes are made from 100% recycled cardboard.  This can be white or kraft board, and we can include food-grade linings if required.

If you go for a butt-jointed or telescopic style, the entire tube can be made from board, with a seamed top and base.  One-piece tubes will need plastic or metal caps, which we can provide along with the tube itself.

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