Consumers don’t always recycle, so biodegradable packaging and compostable packaging are becoming really popular ways of making products more eco friendly.

Traditional board cartons are biodegradable, but elements like windows, films, foils, inserts and coatings aren’t always – especially if they’re made from oil-based plastics or metal. Fortunately, new versions of these elements mean the whole package can degrade, so it won’t hang around in landfill for hundreds of years.


Biodegradable Foils

Foil blocking is a great technique that adds a metallic finish to elements of a box. It can be used to highlight text, logos or other parts of the design. These foils are extremely thin and recent studies have shown that they have no effect on how recyclable or biodegradable the carton is.



Compostable Films and Windows

Windows in boxes and wallets can now be made from biodegradable cellulose films – an ideal alternative to oil-based plastics. This gives clear, study windows that allow you to show off your products inside the box.



Vacuum Formed Inserts

Even rigid plastic trays like the vacuum formed inserts you find in boxes for candles and chocolates can be biodegradable nowadays.

With degradable foils, vacuum formed inserts, windows and films, ensuring your products are compostable is easier than ever. Get in touch for more information.


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