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6 Ways to Make your Packaging Eco Friendly

Investing in an eco-friendly image for your brand is win-win. Lessen your impact on the environment by reducing waste, pollution and CO2 emissions, cut costs and increase the perceived value of your products. According to WRAP, 10 million tonnes of packaging are used every year in the UK. With a little more thought in the […]

Make Your Packaging More Accessible with Inclusive Design

Inclusive Packaging Take a moment to imagine a life without sight.  Or without the full use of your limbs.  Everyday tasks like finding your favourite breakfast cereal and opening the box would be much more difficult. So why don’t manufacturers make more accessible packaging?  Including braille on the box and making it easier to open […]

5 Ways to Make your Packaging Reflect your Brand

Your brand isn’t just your name or your logo – it’s in the mind of your customers.  It’s their perception of your product or organisation.  To create a strong brand, you need to sell an idea or a lifestyle, not just goods.  And that idea or lifestyle needs to be reflected in your packaging. It’s […]

Vacuum Formed Trays

If you need Vacuum Formed Trays to present your product then we can work closely with you.  Firstly we assess your needs, create CAD designs then prototypes for your approval.  We can provide high-quality and cost-effective clamshell packaging, blister packs, plastic trays and display thermoforming. Thermoforming is the method by which trays are formed.  This technique […]

Foil Blocking

Foil blocking is the process of applying metallic or ‘foil’ effects to a surface.  We use a metal die – like a stamp – onto which the design is chemically etched or crafted by hand from supplied artwork.  Dies are made from various metals and can be either ‘flat’ (foil only) or ‘combination’ (foiling and […]

Printed Boxes

Folding printed boxes are the most commonly used form of solid board packaging. You only have to walk around any supermarket to see the vast amounts used to protect, display and market the products they contain, from frozen food sleeves through to cereal boxes. ABC Packaging offers a full range of printed and plain boxes from […]

Solid Board Boxes and Cartons

Corrugated cardboard isn’t the only material that can be used for boxes and cartons – we also offer a wide variety of solid boards, from folding box board to chipboard, greyboard and foil board. Not sure which one is right for your product?  Take a look below for a description of each material or call […]

Die Cut Boxes

Die Cut Boxes tend to be bespoke designs but can fall into existing FEFCO categories such as the 04 range which can be found here. Folder-type boxes and trays usually consist of only one piece of board. The bottom of the box is hinged to form two or all side walls and the cover. The […]

Food Sleeves

Create the right impression with an eye-catching lithographically printed food sleeve for food products where the consumer needs to see the product as well as the packaging including all the nutritional information.  Food sleeves can incorporate hot and cold foil blocking as well as embossing and can be incorporated into your design to achieve  a quality finish.  You can also […]

Frozen Food Packaging

Can we help with your Frozen Food Packaging? Hit the shelves with the greatest impact, make your frozen food packaging stand out from the rest with eye-catching print on quality board.  Consider using  Excellent TOP (GC2) Fully Coated Folding Boxboard with a cream back (available HS & GF /GR).  Our frozen seafood packaging boards offer exceptional graphic […]

Trucard Cosmetic Boxes

Trucard is a British made, one sided coated board which is widely used in the cosmetic boxes, greeting card, publishing and packaging markets.  Trucard Cosmetic Boxes will give that high impact required in the highly competitive shelf space battle. Trucard is a comprehensive range of coated and uncoated solid bleached sulphate (SBS) boards designed for the needs […]

Maule Graphics (GC1) Fully Coated Folding Boxboard

Cartulinas CMPC S.A. has been manufacturing and selling high stiffness, white and smooth folding boxboard of varying weights and specifications since 1951. The company operates two mills, one located close to the city of Valdivia in Southern Chile and the other in the Maule region, with an annual production capacity of 430,000 tonnes. The Maule Mill […]

Tension as polymer price spiral continues

Polymer prices increased across the board in September. With production cutbacks, further plant outages and a lack of imported material putting a lid on supply, buyers who needed additional stock had no choice but to pay hefty price increases. Polyethylene prices, where supply was tightest, saw the biggest gains, which were well in excess of […]

Another satisfied customer!

We’ve been recommended by a new customer to one of his friends. “They were very efficient, helpful, speedy, on-time good quality etc…! (especially given our high expectations!). They delivered on time, in full and were very professional.”

Heidelberg Speedmaster 102 CD up and running

The Speedmaster CD 102 is the all-rounder for a wide variety of applications. Its flexibility and reliability make it the success story of the 70 × 100 cm (27.56 × 39.37 in) format. The Speedmaster CD 102 combines convenient automation with straightforward operation.  The sophisticated technology processes a whole host of substrates – from lightweight […]

ABC Packaging now conforms to new Braille Directive

According to EU directives from 2004, almost all pharmaceutical packaging must have been produced with Braille. In November 2010, a new European directive, DIN EN 15823, came into force. Until this new legislation last year, the height of Braille character was not clearly specified. The DIN EN 15823 directive is now setting up minimum heights […]