Cardboard Sleeves

Custom Sleeve Packaging Designed Bespoke For Your Product

Custom sleeve packaging is a versatile way to liven up otherwise plain boxes and capture your buyer’s attention. Whether used over food, cosmetics, or other goods, cardboard sleeves are a cost-effective way to add flair to your products.

We offer a wide range of styles, including glued and interlocking options with a variety of finishes.

Why Use Sleeve Packaging?

Box sleeves allow you to use a standardised set of packaging across your ranges. All product information, images, and branding can be added to the cardboard sleeve that will fit snugly over the existing package. Streamlining production like this can be very economic, especially for smaller or niche businesses. With custom sleeve boxes you can easily advertise promotions, offers or changes in production information at a low cost – and they’re all recyclable.

What can we offer?

  • The latest in cardboard sleeve packaging manufacturing technology
  • Glued sleeves, interlocking sleeves & more
  • Eye catching sleeve design
  • Cost effective packaging solutions
  • Cosmetic, retail, food sleeve packaging & more

Ready to Chat About Custom Sleeves?

We can help you at any stage of the process – from idea formation right down to the final printing. Whether you know exactly what you’re after, or even if you don’t know where to start, get in contact with us so we can discuss ideas and start the process. Call our team for a friendly chat, or fill in the contact form to get a quote.

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Looking for more packaging options?

If cardboard sleeve packaging isn’t exactly what you’re after, then explore the rest of our site to learn more about our huge range of packaging options. We can produce a variety of different boxes, as well as vacuum formed inserts and flexible packaging options.

How Can We Help You?
If you have a design in mind, or even if you have no idea where to start, we'd love to hear from you. We can start working with you at any stage of the process - from the initial designs to the final printing. Feel free to call our friendly office team, or fill out a contact form to get a quote.

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