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Plastic Free Packaging

Plastic-free packaging is easier than ever to produce.

In the recent decade, single use plastics have come under the spotlight for their effects on the environment. With nearly 300 million tonnes of plastic waste produced each year it’s a huge area for concern. Plastic pollution particularly effects marine life, as much plastic waste ends up in our oceans. High numbers of seabirds, fish, turtles and other marine animals are killed each year after ingesting or getting caught in plastic. Fortunately, there are many plastic-free alternatives available.
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Alternative Options

Consumers are increasingly conscious of the packaging that comes with products they buy. Choosing a plastic-free packaging design can improve your brand image and could even improve sales.

Cardboard and paper are some of the most ecologically friendly packaging solutions out there. Both are usually 100% recyclable, and even home compostable. Plastic windows in cartons can easily be replaced by photography of the product, or if the product really needs to be visible, there are biodegradable alternatives to traditional plastic packaging.

Using recyclable or compostable materials is a great way to show your environmental values to your customers. Cutting down on on plastic means also reduces the manufacturing carbon footprint. This equals less plastic waste and pollution overall.

Eco Plastics

It’s important to remember that not all plastics are the same. Plastics made from petrochemicals are potentially the most harmful to the environment. These plastics don’t degrade and often end up in landfill or our oceans. However, many of these are recyclable, which reduces the raw materials required in their production and ensures they don’t end up in the environment. Using recycled plastic packaging is a great step towards a fully sustainable business.

Some plastics, such as cellulose films, are made from plant-based materials and are biodegradable. Others can have additives that make them degrade when exposed to certain conditions.

Why Avoid It?

There are several reasons you might want to avoid plastic in your packaging:

  • Reduce the environmental impact of your products
  • Appeal to eco-conscious customers
  • Reaffirm your brand as green and caring
  • Potentially increase sales or charge more for your products – a 2020 survey showed that 74% of people were willing to pay more for sustainable products
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