Soap Packaging Boxes

Do you produce soap, shampoo or conditioner bars? We can offer you a clean sweep on your packaging requirements!

The demand for handmade, organic soap is at an all-time high, and it’s now easier than ever to get into soap making at home. With this has come an increased need for custom soap boxes, and that’s where we come in. We’ve served the personal care sector for a number of years, so you’ll be in experienced hands. Soap and shampoo can come in all shapes and sizes, from shower bars to bath bombs. Handmade soap can also often be a fragile product and deserves a custom box. From initial consultations, design and manufacture through to delivery of the final packaging our knowledge, quality and customer service is squeaky clean!

Designing for Luxury

As well as protecting the soap for transport and storage, custom printed soap packaging also needs to attract customers. The packaging is often designed to showcase the soap’s unique features, such as it’s fragrance or style. A bright, decorative box might evoke floral notes, while a more subtle, uncomplicated design could be used for vanilla or honey scents. A feeling of luxury is important in the personal care sector and handmade soaps are often given as gifts. It’s essential the packaging carries through this message.

Using The Right Materials

We use specialist materials for our custom soap boxes. For oil based soaps where a barrier is required between the bar and the cardboard, we can offer a number of different solutions. These range from water based coatings through to biodegradable laminate films. Our packaging also protects soap from excess moisture which can begin to break down the bar before it reaches the shelf. Die cut windows can also be added using either standard films or biodegradable Ecomex film. This is made from 100% corn starch, meaning it doesn’t pollute the environment. Windows allow the customer to see the soap before buying, which can encourage a sale. Another popular option is to add windows without films, allowing customers to smell the soap

Moa green balm display box

Good For the Environment

Many customers looking for organic soap or conditioner bars are also looking for an eco-friendly product. A well-designed package can communicate your brand’s values by utilising sustainable materials. We can offer both virgin FSC® certified cardboard, or recycled materials for your box. These are both 100% biodegradable. We also ensure that our inks and glues are of the best quality and come with the highest environmental credentials available to us. Moving away from bottled soap and shampoo to bars can also save on plastic waste and be more eco-friendly.

We’re also able to add any logos or messages you need. This includes ingredients lists, cruelty-free logos, paraben-free labels and more.

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