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Bespoke Food Packaging

We create food grade packaging that looks as good as your product tastes.

Our bespoke food packaging ranges from ready meal sleeves to full confectionery boxes. We’re one of the UK’s leading food packaging companies, whether you run a factory or a local shop we’ve got the perfect solution for you.

We understand how important brand recognition is in the food industry. Our design team will work closely with you to create packaging that truly represents your brand and invites customer loyalty.

We also have an attention to detail that can’t be beaten. All text such as ingredients and allergens, will be included in non-disruptive ways while still being easily accessible to the consumer. You’ll find we know the industry inside and out.

Range of Food Carton Designs

We produce innovative carton designs bespoke to you. These include folding models, pillow boxes, windowed boxes and more. You can choose from various food grade packaging, such as grease resistant or freezer-safe cardboard options with a range of finishes and closures.

Additional features available include:

  • Aperture openings – with or without plastic windowing
  • Embossing – for a smart, contoured finish
  • Foil blocking – for professional lettering and logos
  • Braille – for accessibility
  • Multi-colour reverse printing – for inner sleeve designs

We’re also experts in high-quality printing, and can produce photo-grade images. Printed food packaging looks attractive and can convince a consumer to buy. Whatever you go for, we’ll tailor all packaging to your products and requirements. We can meet even the most bespoke food packaging needs.

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100% Bio-Degradable

It’s important for every business to consider their environmental impact. Using sustainable packaging can also make a real difference to consumer perceptions. More and more customers are looking for eco-friendly food packaging when they shop.

Cardboard and paper both decompose very quickly, so if they end up in landfill instead of being recycled, their impact on the environment will be mitigated. We also use biodegradable foils and laminate films, so you can be sure of the eco credentials of your packaging. Even better, our cardboard is made from FSC certified board, meaning it’s come from sustainably managed forests.

While our paper and board options are all degradable, plastics can be more tricky. That’s why we offer 100% bio-degradable windows made from corn starch, which is even home compostable. This lets your customers view your products before they purchase. Our other windowing solutions are made from clear polylactic acid (PLA) films.

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Specialist Packaging Materials

We understand the need to maintain hygiene standards when creating food grade packaging. That’s why we use special processes like laminated board technology for our custom food packaging supplies. This provides a barrier that is resistant to moisture and fats, which is particularly useful for snack packaging. We also use food-safe inks, glues and boards across our entire range of food boxes.

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