Shelf Ready Packaging

Use custom display packaging to save on time and costs, while helping your product stand out on the shelf.

Shelf or retail ready packaging provides great benefits for both retailers and manufacturers, and can improve in store sales. Find out more below about the benefits of shelf ready packaging and what services we provide.

Save Time and Money

Shelf ready packaging (SRP) is designed to be placed directly on store shelves without the need for extra unpacking or complicated assembly. The cardboard display box acts as secondary packaging, or outer transit box, to securely take your product from warehouse to retail. This saves on extra packaging costs usually needed for shipping.

Once at the store, the perforated top of the packaging just needs to be torn off for your product to be retail ready. This makes the process of stocking shelves far more time efficient, which saves on labour costs. Using SRP can help persuade retailers to stock your products and keep coming back for more.

Moa green balm display box

Get Your Brand Noticed

Custom display packaging helps grab the attention of customers in a busy retail environment. We’ll use your brand colours, logos, and messaging to make your SRP instantly recognisable. Custom display boxes are great for promoting cross-selling and upselling across different ranges. We can also create bespoke cardboard inserts to hold items in place, which keeps your products looking their best long after they’ve left your hands. All this helps your products stand out on the shelf, leading to increased sales through better visibility.

Achieve A Quality Finish

We can offer a range of shelf ready packaging styles to suit a variety of product sizes and shapes. While most display packaging is made from corrugated cardboard, sold board is a great alternative for lighter merchandise. We use two print methods: flexographic or litho laminated. Flexographic is our most common printing method, and is ideal when only one or two colours are required. On the other hand, litho lamination allows for a more intricate print, and gives your packaging a premium feel.

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