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Biodegradable Packaging

Biodegradable packaging is growing in popularity

Despite our best intentions, not all packaging is recycled, and a lot of it still ends up in landfill. This is where biodegradable or compostable packaging comes into the picture. By using materials that can be broken down naturally we ensure that any packaging that does end up in landfill can return to the Earth without causing more pollution.

Luckily many elements of packaging are already biodegradable. Cardboard and paper both decompose very quickly. Compare this to the decomposition time of most single-use plastics – 20 to 500 years – and you can immediately see the eco benefits. Fortunately new sustainable plastics and plastic-alternatives are being formulated every year. Using these mean the whole package can degrade without hanging around in landfill for hundreds of years.

Below are some examples of biodegradable packaging options we offer:

foil blocking example

Biodegradable Foils

Foil blocking is a great technique that adds a metallic finish to elements of a box. It can be used to highlight text, logos, or other parts of the design. The good news is these foils are extremely thin and recent studies have shown that they have no effect on how recyclable or biodegradable the carton is. This means any packaging with foil blocking can be readily home composted. Read more about foil blocking here.

A box of Yankee Candles with pink hearts. Inside the box is a vacuum formed tray holding the candles in place.

Compostable Windows

Windows in packaging can now be made from biodegradable cellulose films – an ideal alternative to oil-based plastics. This gives clear, study windows that allow you to show off your products inside the box. Like other plant-based materials, these films decompose quickly which is great news for the environment! Click here to learn more about our plastic free packaging options.

Bootea fruity teatox

Laminate Films

We can also offer biodegradable laminate films in both high gloss or matt to give your packaging a premium eco-friendly finish. These films are also created from cellulose and so are 100% compostable, either at home or at an industrial composting facility.

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