Retail Packaging

Packaging needs to attract attention, sell your products, and convey all necessary information. This is not an easy feat considering the competition in the retail industry.

That’s where our range of retail packaging supplies comes in. We provide hundreds of companies with cartons and boxes for toys, tools, clothing and more. Our packaging stands out against the competition and increases the perceived value of products. Consistent branding also results in brand loyalty, with customers drawn to recognisable designs. In busy supermarkets and shop floors, packaging is often your only salesperson – we’ll help you get it right.

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Custom retail packaging boxes

We specialise in cardboard boxes. These are one of the most common packaging solutions and can be endlessly customised to fit your exact requirements. We have some simple cost-effective options to choose from, and can easily add additional features such as lids, handles, and windows. In addition to retail boxes, we manufacture shelf ready packaging which is ideal for the retail industry. Our solid board is 100% recyclable, which is great for the environment and your business’s corporate social responsibility.

We also manufacture vacuum-formed inserts which provide extra protection during transit. These are perfect for more delicate items like confectionary or candles. We can produce these in a range of colours or using transparent plastic, so your customer can get a sneak peak of the product.

litho laminated packaging

Eye-catching designs

Custom retail packaging allows you to define your product the way you want consumers to see it. As well, retailers tend to display attractive packaging in better selling locations. Our creative team can help you create a fantastic design for your printed retail packaging. We’re experts in litho-lamination, a printing method that results in high quality, photo-grade images. Our printed boxes are also specially coated to retain their great look even when regularly handled. These durable materials make transportation easy, helping to streamline operations and lower costs.

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