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Sustainable Packaging

There are various ways of making packaging more sustainable

This includes reducing the amount of raw material used in its production, recycling raw materials, making the packaging itself recyclable, and using raw materials that are in themselves, sustainable.
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Sustainable Raw Materials

Although using raw materials that are recycled is usually the best solution, sometimes it’s necessary to use virgin material in the manufacturing of packaging. In these cases, it’s important to use sustainable materials.

Types of eco packaging include boxes made from paper derived from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) trees, windows made from corn starch derived cellulose films, and more.

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FSC Sustainable Boxes

The FSC is an international non-government organisation devoted to the protection of forests and woodlands. Products with the FSC logo are certified as sustainable, and the trees used in their production are replanted or allowed to regenerate. The FSC also work to protect wildlife and indigenous peoples who call the world’s forests their home.

Our FSC boxes and other FSC packaging is from certified sources and fully sustainable.

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