Packaging for Your Industry

Whatever industry your business operates in, we’ll find a solution to meet your packaging needs.

We use our experience, knowledge and advanced manufacturing processes to design unique solutions tailored to your products and the requirements of your sector.

Food Packaging

Stand out from the crowd in the competitive UK food industry with customisable packaging that shows off your brand.

We create bespoke packaging for all types of foods, including ready meal sleeves and dairy cartons.  People like to view food before they buy and that’s why we offer see-through windows including a 100% bio-degradable option made from corn starch.

Our food packaging products are made from a range of durable materials, including grease resistant and freezer-safe options.

Postal Packaging

Whether you work in the postal sector or run a business that ships a lot of mail, reliable postal packaging is essential.

We sell a range of board mailing envelopes and postal boxes designed to protect your products against the wear and tear of long-distance transportation.

Resending damaged post can be costly – make sure whatever you’re mailing arrives where it needs to be safely.

Retail Industry

Our design team can create all manner of retail packaging products.  Securely and safely display everything from children’s toys to sporting equipment in packaging that stands out on a crowded shelf.

We create packaging for clothing, electronics, pet products, office equipment and much more.

Medical and Cosmetics Packaging

If you work in the cosmetics, medical, pharmaceutics or healthcare industry, you need packaging that will maintain hygiene standards.  Tamper-evident seals are vital in these sectors too, giving consumers peace of mind about the integrity of the box or foil tray.

Manufacturing and DIY

Manufacturing and DIY products often require heavy duty packaging.  We create high-quality solutions for everything from duct tape to tools.

These are just a few of the industries that we work with.  Can’t see your sector listed above?  Get in touch with our friendly team to start designing the perfect packaging for your products.

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