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ABC Packaging now conforms to new Braille Directive

ABC Packaging now conforms to new Braille Directive

According to EU directives from 2004, almost all pharmaceutical packaging must have been produced with Braille. In November 2010, a new European directive, DIN EN 15823, came into force. Until this new legislation last year, the height of Braille character was not clearly specified. The DIN EN 15823 directive is now setting up minimum heights for Braille embossing for first time. According to this directive, the majority of embossed characters must be higher than 0.12mm.

The implementation of the directive is challenging for many conventional systems on the market. Basically, Braille embossing has to meet two contradictory criteria: a light embossing is required to guarantee visually ideal results without bursting the cartonboard substrate. However, the embossing must be as strong as possible so that blind people may easily touch and read the Braille.

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