Vacuum Formed Trays

Vacuum Formed Trays

If you need Vacuum Formed Trays to present your product then we can work closely with you.  Firstly we assess your needs, create CAD designs then prototypes for your approval.  We can provide high-quality and cost-effective clamshell packaging, blister packs, plastic trays and display thermoforming.

Thermoforming is the method by which trays are formed.  This technique uses heat, vacuum and pressure to form the desired material into a shape determined by its mold.

Thermoformed and vacuum formed trays offer numerous options for protecting and displaying your products.  They can be custom designed, using a wide variety of materials and colours, for many applications such as the cosmetics, retail, medical, healthcare and food markets.  We can supply A-PET/R-PET which is an environmentally friendlier alternative to PVC, HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) or PVC vacuum formed trays.

Trays and Inserts

Trays can be shaped to fit a particular product with features like indentations and stacking or de-nesting for easy stacking and removal from tight shipping boxes.  Trays can be embossed to allow for identification or finger holes for easy handling.

Another type of vacuum formed tray is called an insert.  Inserts can hold one object only or organize a multiple-component product for visual appeal.  Inserts are then typically placed into folding cartons or rigid boxes which if you’re not aware we can supply too!

We can provide specification data sheets of all raw materials, ensuring that the relevant specialist material is available for any specialised application, including fire resistance, impact strength, or conductivity.

Colour Co-ordination

If you want your inserts to match to your corporate colours or box designs we offer a colour matching service where we can match the insert to a PantoneĀ® number.

Want something a bit different?

Talk to us about flock covered vac formed inserts or incorporate your logo into the mold.  This strengthens your identity and reduce counterfeiting opportunities.

You can find more information on our website but do feel free to contact us with your requirements.