5 Ways to Make your Packaging Reflect your Brand

5 Ways to Make your Packaging Reflect your Brand

Your brand isn’t just your name or your logo – it’s in the mind of your customers.  It’s their perception of your product or organisation.  To create a strong brand, you need to sell an idea or a lifestyle, not just goods.  And that idea or lifestyle needs to be reflected in your packaging.

It’s easy to see packaging as a container that protects your products from harm.  But it’s so much more than that.  Great packaging speaks volumes about your brand, both in the text printed on it, and through the materials and design.

Here are five ways to make your packaging a silent ambassador for your brand – conveying your message from the supermarket shelves.

Show Them you Care

If your product is organic, green or vintage in feel, choose packaging that’s as natural as possible.  Don’t just tell your customers you care about the environment – show them.

Paper-based materials are ideal, as they’re renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.  FSC® approved board is an excellent example as it comes from forests that are managed to protect biodiversity, productivity and ecology.  Display a message about your green credentials or the FSC® logo on the box and tie this to your brand identity.

Using raw, unvarnished board and a minimal printing style adds to the effect.  Take this example from organic beauty brand Moa.  The display box reinforces how natural their products are, with simple labelling and beige-coloured board.

Cosmetics Display Box

Be Innovative

Maybe your brand is new, edgy and forward thinking.  Shouldn’t your packaging be as well?  Think outside the box by designing something different.

Remember that using materials intelligently can reduce manufacturing and shipping costs, and that all feeds into the branding of your product.

Make a Great First Impression

For up-market cosmetics, fragrance and food brands, the packaging needs to ooze style and sophistication.

Consider adding an embossed design, spot UV varnish or metallic foil for an even more sumptuous effect.  These techniques aren’t expensive, but add to the perceived value of your product.  This box for high-class retailer Harrods is a perfect example, with foil blocking and a window to show off the quality of the product.


Add Functionality

A box is just a box, right? Well it doesn’t have to be. We all know that kids love playing with cartons, so why not turn the packaging of a toy or meal into a house or car that’s part of the product? This creates a more memorable experience and gives your branded box a longer life.

Young, fun brands can make their packaging more sociable, with containers for sweets and snacks that open out for easy sharing. The possibilities are endless.

Consider the Big Picture

Designing and branding packaging doesn’t happen overnight. You may have to balance several aspects of your brand or weigh marketing opportunities against other considerations like cost, weight, usability and the level of protection given to the product.

Whatever you choose, consistency is key. Use the same imagery, colours and basic design elements in your packaging that you use on your website, leaflets and other marketing material. Ensure your customers are getting the same message whenever they interact with your brand, and you can’t go far wrong.

If you need advice creating the perfect packaging, get in touch.